Refan Shetland

Shetland's largest selection of top quality perfumes and aftershaves at very affordable prices.

For more than 30 years Refan has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent way for their sales. In more than 400 shops around the world, customers can try and buy perfumes for different occasions, in different volumes and with refillable glass bottles, at competitive prices.

Refan is a socially responsible company supporting a number of sports, social, cultural and health initiatives. The company has developed and applies a system for quality control in accordance with the requirements of the following quality standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. Refan also has EN ISO 22716:2007 - GMP Certificate for Good Manufacturing.

We are proud and happy to bring these great products here to Shetland.

  • Visiting Our Shop

    You can find us at 141 Commercial Street in Lerwick.

    We are open Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.

    NO BLIND BUYING: You can try before you buy, from over 100 fragrances, both perfume and aftershave.

    NO BLIND TRYING. You are guided through fresh, floral, fruity, woody and spicy fragrances so you can find what suits you.

    NO BANK BREAKING. Refan is the world's oldest and largest draught perfumery where you pay for the perfume rather than its bottle: £14 for 30 ml, £20 for 50 ml, £35 for 100ml.

  • Perfume Party

    It is always fun to explore the world of fragrances in good company. Friend's night out with a difference? Start, outwith normal working hours, at our shop. Alternatively, you could host a perfume party at your home, we can come with the whole range of our perfumes in tester bottles and you, your family, and friends can choose your favourite.

    Send us a message through this website or call us on 07963 311431.

  • Gift Cards

    Our gift cards make a beautiful present. In the gift bag you will receive a boxed empty bottle of your chosen size, together with a selected gift card. That way the recipient of this amazing gift will gain the experience of exploring the lovely (smelling) world of fragrances and choosing the one (or two).